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The Valley of Tena and Ordesa National Park offers unparalleled space for the practice of many activities. From a leisurely stroll with the family to the journey of several days, rafting and canyoning in the Pyrenees up to three thousand.


Since it can take simple Gavin Camping trips that take us through places of Orós, Oliver, Barbenuta or Plasterer. We can also undertake more long trips as Otal, around Erata or Sobremonte. Also, the Valle de Tena is known for its magnificent scenery and small lakes, mountain lakes, which are hung in the mountains, here we can walk to Anayet, Espelunciecha, Brazato, The Blues and many others.

Adventure sports

Quite a few companies fully dedicated to the sport of adventure programs offer more complete and secure, always accompanied by professional guides and accredited, can enjoy the most exciting experiences: Canyoning, rafting, climbing, via ferrata, hiking, climbing to peaks, canoe, ski, heli ... Are some options. Visit:

Tirolina Hoz de Jaca

La tirolina más larga de Europa

Sobrevuela el lago de Búbal a más de 120 metros de altura y disfruta del Valle de Tena desde una perspectiva diferente.Diciembre de 11 a 17 h. Todos los días excepto 25/12
En el mirador de Hoz de Jaca, se encuentra la torre desde la que daremos el salto hasta recorrer los 950 metros que nos separa de la llegada…



This activity combines hiking easier to enjoy swimming and water on the mountain, we recommend be accomplished with specialized guide. The Caldarés, the Sia, Lapaz, Gorgol, the Mouth of Hell, are some of the most famous gorges in our area.

Bio Park

Located in the Valle de Tena, you enter the park by Piedrafita de Jaca. Here you can walk among deer, deer, elk, European bison, lynx, wolf and Przewalski horses. Enter into the forest, crosses paths with eyes wide open, spread your senses and breathe deeply the scent of the forest.


Just 20 minutes from Gavin Camp, the ski resorts of Formigal and Panticosa can enjoy winter sports in comfort. All shops in the snow, day, equipment hire, coffee shops and even night skiing, will help you enjoy the snow.



The closest bid on tracks in the background is Partacua or Panticosa Spa. For distance runners have the most demanding tracks in the valley Somport Aragon and Linza Liaz those in the Valleys.


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